Attwood Centric Fully Upholstered Off White/Blue

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The popular Centric seat is a brilliant combination of style and sturdy support. The ergonomic contouring comforts and supports the spine and helps eliminate pressure points. The heavy-duty blow molded construction meets and exceeds ABYC H-31 impact standards. Concealed Hinge Patented pinch-proof hinge is molded into the shell. Lock-Down detent secures seat in the down position at speeds up to 70 mph. Raised Seat Pan Back Centric provides surprising support and comfort to your lower back and spine, unlike seats with traditional hinges that are open in the lower back. Side Bolsters Provide lateral support to help keep rider seated, even in rough seas and tight maneuvers. Compact Turning Diameter Centric fits in confined cockpits with a 23" turning diameter. Recessed Underbody A seemingly minor feature with major benefits this helps hide the seat mount and slider, allowing for easy access to seat hardware adjustment handles and makes for a sleek interior. Fits all standard seat mounts and sliders

Tiefe 50 cm
Höhe 61,5 cm
Breite 49,5 cm
Sitztiefe 40 cm
Höhe umgeklappt 30 cm


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